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Robert B. Griffin Chapter,
Central Florida  BPA 

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Greetings! Our primary objective is to train and support young people in pursuing a career in aviation. We also strive to inspire underprivileged youth to explore the possibilities in aviation and to understand the advantages of continuing their education. We plan to achieve this goal by organizing training sessions, offering scholarships, and establishing a school for aviation training. Additionally, we have the power to acquire, own, manage, sell, lease, pledge, mortgage, or transfer any property required for our operations as an organization. It is worth noting that we are a Tax Exempt Organization. Our non-profit flying organization, Black Pilots of America, Inc. (BPA, Inc), was founded in 1997 and welcomes aviation enthusiasts who share our objectives and aims. We have chapters across the country and encourage interested individuals to contact a chapter official for more information on joining. If you are not near an existing chapter, we offer a Chapter at Large designation


Diversity and Inclusion

Our objective is to ensure that aviation is accessible to all, irrespective of their background or ethnicity.

Education and Outreach

We achieve this by organizing educational programs, workshops, and outreach initiatives. 

Mentorship and Support

It is crucial to provide mentorship and support to aspiring individuals. We provide a network of mentors and resources that can guide and nurture talents as they embark on their aviation journey.


To maximize the impact of our efforts, We collaborate with local schools, aviation organizations, and community leaders. Together, we can create a thriving aviation ecosystem that empowers youth to excel in this field.



412 Aleatha Drive Daytona Beach Volusia County, FL

32114, USA





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